Established in 1850, University of Rochester is a private educational institution in Rochester, New York. With an enrollment of over eleven thousand students, University of Rochester ranks #33 in the best colleges of the US. Offering programs in biology, nursing, psychology, economics, music performance, and other fields of study, University of Rochester is famous for its extensive research, a small class size, and a vibrant student life.

University of Rochester: Facts & Figures

  • Number of students: 11.126
  • International students: 25%
  • Countries: 101
  • Faculty: 1.225
  • Campus size: 600 acres

Studying biology or economics (or another discipline) at University of Rochester requires a student to be proactive and ready to cope with tons of tasks for their courses. Essays, research papers, case studies, and lab reports – these are integral components of the process of studying.

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