Written assignments are the main assessment tool to evaluate students’ learning at the university. Regardless of the type of educational institution you’re enrolled at and your major, you will sure be assigned to turn in tons of written papers and other types of homework for various courses. Essays, term papers, case studies, research proposals, and reports – these are just a few examples of types of university assignments you will be asked to turn in.

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Here are some examples and topics of the assignments you may receive at high school or university:

  • Essay: ‘ How globalization affects economy’ for your course on economics or ‘What are causes and effects of terrorism’ for your political science course.
  • Book review: you can be assigned to write a review of ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte or ‘Martin Eden’ by Jack London.
  • Case study: ‘The process of new product development at Samsung’ or ‘McDonald’s case: how to put new life into a leading brand’ are some examples of the topics of case studies.
  • Coursework: ‘Brand management: Trust for international brands’ for your management course, ‘Decision making in business’ for a business course, or ‘Social media as the mirror of society’ for your course on sociology.
  • Research paper: for your chemistry course, you can be assigned to write a research paper on ‘Methods of stabilizing lithium to prevent its corrosion on contact with oxygen’ or ‘Chemical regulation in the nervous system of mammals’. For a biology research paper, you can opt for ‘Biology and its connection with other sciences’ and ‘Bacteria and their functions in the ecosystem of the earth’.
  • PowerPoint presentation: some topics of your presentation may be: ‘Peculiarities of Orientalism in art’, ‘Effective management techniques’, ‘Consequences of deforestation’ and much more. Use your imagination or search for ideas in Google to determine an engaging topic for your PowerPoint presentation.

Assignment: Top tips for a great paper

When a student gets another essay assigned, typically their first reaction is anger and unwillingness to do anything. You imagine yourself spending your Friday evening sitting in front of your laptop, rather than going out with your mates. Don’t panic! Think of your essay (or term paper / report / book review – underline as applicable) as an opportunity to master your skills and reveal your creative potential.

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Tip 1: Start early

Putting off your assignment is an utterly wrong strategy (though a common mistake students make). The best piece of advice for those who usually find themselves procrastinating is to plan your work ahead of time. Make a timetable with dates and deadlines linked to your written assignment and try to stick to it until your paper is finalized. The professors of work2-me.com never miss deadlines: when ordering a paper from us, you can be sure that you’ll get your assignment done well before the deadline! Buy an essay online now and don’t think about college homework. Cheap & on-time.

Tip 2: Use relevant sources and arguments

Remember that each idea in your essay or research paper must be supported by strong evidence and sound logic. But make sure that your arguments support your point of view, and that the sources you are using are reliable.

Tip 3: Make it original

After you have finished writing your paper, be sure to check its originality. You can validate your paper’s authenticity for free using various plagiarism checkers. Remember that plagiarism means academic probation and a failing grade, so be sure to be cautious. For only $18 per page, you’ll receive your completed assignment within 7 days. And if the deadline is looming, you can get your assignment done within 24, 6 or even 3 hours. And all this without stress and hassle!

Tip 4: Seek academic help

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Best assignment writing service for university students

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