For students majoring in geography, writing research papers and different types of written assignments is an essential part of their learning experience. A geography written paper generally studies various phenomena of the Earth, as well as the patterns in the natural environment. Since the study of geography is rather broad and challenging, students have to put their heart into their research paper, from gathering information about the topic to summing up the main ideas in conclusion.

How to write a top-notch geography paper

This is the question each student majoring in geography (or taking a geography course) is faced with. Remember that when it comes to writing a geography paper, you must demonstrate understanding of theory combined with a case study of a particular phenomenon. This is why a student should carefully choose the topic for their geography paper, so that they were able to support ideas with pertinent information. If you are struggling, follow these guidelines to find out how to create an outstanding geography paper. After all, you do need your written assignment to shine, don’t you?

Tip 1: Choose an engaging topic. Nothing is worse than working on a topic that is dull and complicated. If you select a captivating subject for your geography paper, you will kill two birds with one stone: first, you will catch the professor’s (your reader’s) attention; and secondly, you’ll be interested in what you are writing about. To pick up a great topic, browse the Internet or talk to your geography professor.

Tip 2: Sketch out your draft. Though many students overlook this, drafting a short plan of your geography paper is a must if you are willing to write an effective essay or research paper. Make sure that your plan includes three essential parts: introduction (state your topic, provide background information and the thesis), body part (write down your main ideas and supporting points), conclusion (sum up your points, restate your thesis).

Tip 3: Use appropriate sources. Make use of all kinds of reputable sources – from traditional ones like published books, articles, and course materials to some less usual ones like maps and rare books. Don’t forget to provide a list of all the sources you’ve used while working on your research at the very end of your paper.

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