Students who major in religion or theology study the nature of religious traditions and beliefs. Religious courses help students to be open-minded and learn about both Western and Eastern religious experiences. The most common career paths for graduates with degrees in religion or theology are religious leaders, teachers and instructors, scientists, and social workers. Generally, religious studies are interdisciplinary in their nature and involve studying other disciplines, such as social science, culture, philosophy, history and political science.

Coping with your religion / theology assignment

Religion and theology are fields of study where students’ grades highly depend on the quality of the written papers they turn in. While studying religious courses, students are required to work on presentations, group projects, and slideshows, as well as essays, research papers, term papers where a student is able to demonstrate their understanding of religious concepts and explore the diversity of religions in the world.

In a written paper, a student typically has to apply theory learned during the course, show in-depth understanding of religious practices, and support their ideas with well-reasoned arguments. As in any type of written paper, it is imperative to use trustworthy sources including books, articles, journals, and, of course, information from your lectures and seminars.

A guide to writing in religion and theology

A good essay or research paper in religion or theology is well-structured and coherent, with sufficient evidence that supports arguments. Struggling with your religion written assignment? Here are a few tips that will help you:

Tip 1: State your thesis. Whether you are creating an essay on the history of Hinduism, or a term paper on theocratic states, start by coming up with a thesis in the introductory part of your paper. However, make sure there is ample evidence to support your thesis.

Tip 2: Interpret quotations. A written paper, which consists of quotations from different sources without a student’s interpretation, is hardly the one that will get you a high grade. Thus, remember to always provide sufficient explanation after each argument used in your paper.

Tip 3: Think differently. You don’t have to stuck in conventional thinking while working on your religious or theology essay. Instead, try to impress your professor with original thoughts and ideas (and, of course, support them with relevant arguments).

Tip 4: Be logical. After you have written the text, do not forget to read it again in order to make sure that every point you are making follows from the preceding one and leads to the following one.

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