Once the instructor assigns you to write an analytical essay, your first step is to understand its definition and structure. Analytical essay is a type of essay that aims to present an argument and analyze it. This written paper can be assigned for a number of high school and university courses, including English, history, literature, marketing, political science, social studies, and much more.

There are multiple objects that you can analyze in your analytical essay. They range from movies and books to historical events, theories, and scientific research. Creating an analytical essay can seem a challenging task, especially if you have never completed this task before. But don’t worry! Get yourself a cup of coffee, take a (deep) breath, and follow our guide to writing a perfect analytical essay. Or outsource the daunting task to our custom writing service and get your well-crafted analytical essay for just $14 a page!


Analytical essay: Your guide to the best essay

Unlike a descriptive essay, which requires you to examine a subject through observation, the purpose of an analytical essay is to analyze the argument or a claim. For example, if you write an analytical essay about a novel for your English class, you can concentrate on characters’ intentions or motifs. If you are struggling with your written assignment, take a look at these professional tips from Work2.me writers!

Tip 1: Compelling topic

Sometimes university instructors assign topics for analytical essays, but often leave it to students. Consider getting yourself a narrow topic which you can back up with well-reasoned arguments. Here are a few topics for your analytical essay that you may use:

  • Topic #1: The historical context of ‘Anna Karenina’
  • Topic #2: Love as a cause of violence in ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  • Topic #3: The concept of rebellion in ‘Animal Farm’
  • Topic #4: The themes of home and identity in ‘Lion King’
  • Topic #5: The concept of violence in ‘Macbeth’

Tip 2: Brainstorm to determine the thesis

Try to decipher the author’s ideas to understand why certain things are crucial. Search for repeated ideas, phrases, and metaphors. What are the central themes of the text? What elements are more important than the other? Creating a mind map or an outline of your analytical essay will surely help to understand what the thesis will look like.

Tip 3: Remember the purpose

When writing an analytical essay, you should go beyond any surface-level analysis and investigate how the text was written and why the writer chose to construct their argument this way. Take a narrower focus and try to understand why the author wrote their piece of writing in that way.

Analytical essay: important!

Analytical essay requires you not to summarize facts, but make a well-thought-out analysis of a novel, poem, or movie. Need to boost your academic performance? Purchase your analytical essay from Work2.me without hassle and stress!

Tip 4: Structure first!

Analytical essay follows a standard essay structure: title page, introduction with a thesis, body part with 3-5 paragraphs, conclusion, references, and annex as needed. The number of paragraphs is determined both by your professor’s requirements and by how narrow your topic is (plan on having more paragraphs if your topic is broad).

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Analytical essay: Mistakes to avoid

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If you are brave enough to create a paper on your own, be sure to avoid these common mistakes that students from outside of the USA typically make in their analytical essays.

MistakeOriginal sentenceRevision
Mistake 1: Summarizing instead of analyzing

This is the most common mistake when it comes to writing analytical essays. Students often summarize information in the text instead of providing analysis of the story, poem, or another source. Take a look at these two examples and you will feel the difference.

“A Poet to His Beloved” is a poem written by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats in 1899. The poem is dedicated to the Irish girl Maud Gonne, whom William Butler Yeats met when he was twenty-three years old’“A Poet to His Beloved” written by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats is a concise dedication to a lover with a bittersweet feeling. Florid metaphors and similes help the poet lull the reader to a climatic end in a few lines. The reader feels the power of the poem in its economy and word choice.
Mistake 2: Improper quoting

Navigating the world of quoting can be pretty overwhelming; however, improper citing and quoting can influence your grade and be even considered a form of plagiarism.

Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken is about a person torn between two different roads.Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, is about a person torn between two different roads.

Explanation: use quotation marks before and after the title of the literary work.

Mistake 3: Word repetition

This means that students frequently repeat the same words in their essay instead of providing synonyms and paraphrasing the sentence. Keep in mind that word repetition significantly weighs down your writing.

“The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald is about the idealistic goal to achieve wealth and power. The ruthless pursuit of power and wealth results in the corruption of moral values and human nature.“The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald is about the idealistic goal to achieve status and fulfill the American Dream. The ruthless pursuit of power and wealth results in the corruption of moral values and human nature.


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