Each student who is majoring in law or who is taking a law class is faced with a situation when they have to turn in a written assignment. The purpose of any law assignment is to show understanding of different laws and concepts, which a student is becoming familiar with during the law course. There are many possible variations of the assignments your law teacher may give you, including essays, term papers, coursework, and case studies. However, in each of these papers you must demonstrate a thorough understanding of different laws and concepts discussed during the course.

No matter what topic or type of paper you are assigned, it must include several essential components:

  • Your paper must have a thesis statement and well-reasoned and structured arguments that support it
  • Evidence must be based on trustworthy sources including documents, books, and academic articles
  • You must properly use legal terms in your written assignment
  • Your paper must follow a certain citation format (check the requirements for the citation format with your professor)

How to tackle law assignment

Law assignments may seem tough, but we can reassure you: if you have been attentive in class and are ready to work hard, you will be able to produce a good quality paper for your law course. But make sure that you are following these four tips, which will help you tackle your law assignment:

Tip 1: Choose the topic you like. Unfortunately, one can hardly call writing a law paper an enjoyable task, but you can make it less daunting if you do research on the topic you actually like. This is why it’s worth spending some time thinking about the research area, which is interesting for you, and try to hit the bull’s eye with an interesting topic of the paper.

Tip 2: Carry out rigorous research. As in any other field of study, writing a law paper requires you to study a significant number of reliable resources. These resources include, in the first place, documents and cases, but also books and academic articles, which will help determine your research question.

Tip 3: Use international legal sources. An A+ grade paper is one that uses a wide range of legal materials, including international ones. When starting researching sources for your paper, don’t forget to read and analyze documents, books, and academic articles published in different countries.

Tip 4: Think about the structure. Although the structure of law papers may vary, a good paper generally includes introduction (introduce the reader to the topic and thesis; state the purpose of the paper; highlight the value of the paper); methodology; main body (explain the context of your research; carry out analysis; introduce the main findings and the value of your research); conclusion (summarize key points discussed in the paper); bibliography; and annexes.

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