Every student wants to be successful in each university course they are taking. But practice shows that it’s quite challenging (if not impossible) to be №1 in every single discipline and keep up with all homework assignments.

Statistics shows that math is one of the courses in which students fail more often than in other disciplines. But why does this happen? The most common reason is quite obvious: students don’t completely understand the material. To solve equations and inequalities (and other math problems as well) a student must study and understand every single topic in the course syllabus. This means that if you miss a class, you are responsible for studying this topic on your own; otherwise, you won’t be able to solve all types of math problems successfully.


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Solving equations: a step-by-step guide

In the course of your math class at high school or university, you will sure come across different types of equations including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric ones. Apart from that, there are equations containing radicals, equations involving fractions, and equations containing absolute value. A whole world of equations!

In this section, we’ll take an example and solve an equation together.

Let’s solve the following quadratic equation: (2x−1) (4x−3) = 0. Important: quadratic equations always have two solutions.

Step 1. Take a look at the equation: you see that it’s equal to zero. This means that the parts of the equation are also equal to zero: (2x−1) = 0 and (4x−3) = 0

Step 2. Let’s consider both sides of the equations separately.

2x−1 = 0 . Move 1 to the right side of the equation.

2x =1. Divide 2x by 2.

 x = 1 / 2.

4x−3 = 0. Move 3 to the right side of the equation.

4x=3. Divide 4x by 4.

x =  3/4.

Step 3. Write down the answers. The answers to this equation are:  x = 1/2 ; x = 3/4.

Remember that solving equations requires two things: understanding the material and practicing. The more often you practice solving different kinds of equations (and other math problems, actually), the more proficient you will become. However, if you don’t feel like spending your free time studying and revising material for your math course, you can share this task with work2-me.com experts. They will deliver solutions to any math problem accurately and quickly!

Solving inequalities like a pro

Another common math problem involves solving inequalities which are used to demonstrate relations between different numbers and expressions. Again, let’s take a look at the example and solve the inequality together.

−3x−8 ≥ −2

Step 1. Isolate the variable term. To do that, move 8 to the right side of the inequality.

−3x≥ −2+8

Step 2. Simplify the right side by adding 8 to −2.

−3x≥ 6

Step 3. Isolate the variable x by dividing both sides by −3 . Keep in mind that every time you multiply or divide the sides of an inequality by a negative number, you must reverse the inequality.

x ≤ −2 .

Step 4. Write down the answer. The answer to this inequality is x ≤ −2 .This means that all the numbers that are equal to or less than −2 are the solutions to the inequality.

In math, practice makes it perfect. This is why, when you get a bad grade for your math test, don’t give up immediately. Go over the topic you’ve failed and practice solving some math problems related to this topic. Promise: you’ll see result in no time! But note that you have to be patient and make effort.

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