Even if you are not majoring in economics, you are likely to have a course on macro- and microeconomics during your college years. Generally, economics studies how goods and services are created, distributed, and consumed. Microeconomics focuses on economic processes pertaining to an individual or a firm, while macroeconomics studies economy on the whole, concentrating on bigger processes such as inflation, unemployment, and aggregated growth.

Written paper on macro- and microeconomics: top tips

From selecting the topic to summarizing your ideas in conclusion, a student working on a macro- or microeconomics research paper should follow several tips that will make their written assignment shine. Be sure to check out these four tips to write an amazing written assignment for your macro- or microeconomics course.

Tip 1: Understand the topic. This may sound evident, but before typing the first lines of your research paper, you need to grasp the essential point of the issue you are studying. Sometimes the question sounds too complicated: in this case, break down your research question into several parts. But be sure to keep reminding yourself of the research question as you proceed with the assignment.

Tip 2: Make it scientific. Remember that your written paper must show that you understand basic concepts of micro- and macroeconomics, such as monetary and fiscal policy, balance of trade, gross domestic product, unemployment, and many more. Don’t make your paper Shakespeare-style in terms of the language: instead, try to focus on facts, concepts, and reliable ideas that prove your research question.

Tip 3: Use verifiable data and sources. In empirical written paper on micro- or macroeconomics, it is imperative that a student describes theoretical concepts using appropriate data, statistical information, and other sources that support the ideas. Note that the data you are using in your written assignment directly affects the quality of your assignment and will be assessed by the professor.

Tip 4: Write professionally. Keep your thoughts concise and direct and use strong topic sentences. Make sure that your paragraphs flow coherently and your sentences are short. This should go without saying, but you also should avoid jargon, repetitions and plagiarism.

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