If your university or high school professor assigns you to write a narrative essay, you may consider yourself lucky. Writing a narrative essay is a great opportunity to train your storytelling skills and demonstrate your understanding of the subject. Many students are more excited about writing a narrative essay than other types of essay because here you can write about a specific event of episode in your life as a story. And precisely this makes your readers get much more involved and interested!


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Narrative essay: definition & composition

Remember that there are several types of narrative essays:

  • Personal narrative essay: share a meaningful event of your life.
  • Literacy narrative essay: examine a work of literature.
  • Historical narrative essay: discourse on a historical event through a narrative.

Depending on the essay type, there are several ways how you can structure your narrative essay.

Narrative essay: TOP writing tips

In the paragraphs below, you will find out how to write a perfect narrative essay for your college or high school class!

Tip 1: Decide on the topic

A good topic will help you craft an outstanding and memorable narrative essay worth of an A. If you are stuck, Work2.me writers will help you select the best topic that will get you an excellent grade! You can also take a look at our list of the most common topics for narrative essays:

  • Topic #1: Your first day in college
  • Topic #2: A decision that you had to make
  • Topic #3: Something funny that happened to you
  • Topic #4: A learning experience that changed you
  • Topic #5: The moment of success
  • Topic #6: A memorable journey
  • Topic #7: People who inspire you

Tip 2: Write in first person

The main idea of creating a narrative essay is to share an autobiographical story which you have experienced. This involves writing in the first person, which is the best way to connect your readers with the main character of your story (you).

Narrative essay: important!

Unlike in cause and effect essays, first person is generally used in narrative writing. Having troubles writing an essay? Share the academic task with our experts! 24/7 quality academic help.

Tip 3: Be clear about your role

Remember that narrative writing is autobiographical, which means that your readers should understand your role in the story. When writing a narrative essay on ‘A learning experience that changed you’, make sure that you consider the following points:

  • What was the learning experience like?
  • In what way has it changed you?
  • How did you behave in this situation?
  • Why did you behave like that?

Tip 4:  Make an outline

Divide your story into three parts:

  1. Introduction (setup): start with a hook to make your audience read your narrative essay to the end.
  2. Main part & climax: describe each point of your essay and don’t forget about the climax (the turning point of your essay).
  3. Conclusion: be sure to make it as thrilling as possible.

Looking for other essay writing tips? Click HERE — essay writing: how to write a good essay — to see some useful hints on how to construct the best essay possible.

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Narrative essay: TOP 3 mistakes

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If you decide to write a narrative essay on your own, then take a look at these top 3 mistakes in this type of essay below:

Mistake 1: Sounding very clinical.

Keep in mind that dynamic word choice is a key to a winning narrative essay. Compare two examples of narrative essays and you will see the difference.

‘When I was 18 years old and studied at the university, I dreamed of going to Nepal. I loved listening to Nepali folk songs and liked its food. I dreamed of traveling to Nepal one day and seeing this country. People say that there are two reactions for people who travel to Nepal: you hate it or think that this is the best place. I have been to Nepal three times, and Nepal is my favorite place. Now I’m going to tell you about my first trip to Nepal.’

‘As an 18-year-old university student with cash to spare, going to Nepal was a dream. I had been listening to Nepali folk songs, meditating, and loved food of Nepal. I daydreamed of the day I could would step foot in Nepal and explore the cou                                                   ntry. People say there are only two reactions when traveling to Nepal: either you hate it, or think it is the best place in the entire world. After being there three times, I can say for sure that it is still my favorite place on Earth. But now, I will talk about the first time I traveled to this land.’

Mistake 2: Too long sentences.

Even successful writers can lose their way with long sentences. Thus remember: short sentences are easier to write and much more effective. It also allows you to retain the reader’s attention longer.

‘Meeting an outstanding person is almost always a shock and/or surprise: you see them on TV or on the Internet and then there they are, just right in front of you, and it is an unbelievable experience’ (1 sentence)

‘Meeting an outstanding person is almost always a shock and/or surprise. You see them on TV or on the Internet and then there they are, just right in front of you. It is an unbelievable experience’ (3 sentences)

Mistake 3: Lack of transitional phrases

Every time when you start a new paragraph, be sure to use a transitional phrase. Such phrases help you maintain flow in your narrative essay.

‘There is a saying: ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. This means that we are inclined to believe life in places different from our home country is much better. I have always tried to be happy about the place where I live throughout my entire life’

‘There is a saying: ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. To my mind, this means that we are inclined to believe life in places different from our home country is much better. Taking this into account, I have always tried to be happy about the place where I live throughout my entire life’

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