Regardless if you are majoring in International Security or Engineering Physics, if you are studying at a top UK college or a state university in the US – during your studies you will have to create at least several PowerPoint presentations in different subjects.

A PowerPoint presentation is a useful instrument which helps you communicate your ideas or the results of your research to the audience. Generally a PowerPoint presentation is used to finalize a project a student (or a group of students) has been working on for a certain time period.

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There are a number of visual aids you might use which can significantly enhance your presentation and make it easier for your listeners to comprehend what you are saying. Read on to find out how to make your PowerPoint presentation shine!

Presentation with speaker notes: everything you need to know about

A new form of visual aids you may consider for your presentation is speaker notes. Speaker notes in PowerPoint presentations are designed to help a presenter remember all important points they need to cover in their speech. The speaker notes are hidden from the audience and serve as a reminder of what you are going to say next. Each student has had the situation when they were planning to say this and that, but in the end went into the wrong direction. Speaker notes will help you stay on message and make the audience fully absorb your message. And, of course, add more confidence to your oral presentation!

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Every student will agree that a compelling topic is a key to success. By choosing a creative and engaging topic for your PowerPoint presentation, you will kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, the process of creating a presentation will no longer seem boring. On the other hand, you will easily keep your audience focused and attentive when delivering the presentation.

If you can’t figure out what topic for your PowerPoint presentation to choose, take a look at these examples to help you get started:

  1. How social media influences buying behavior
  2. Political development and modernization
  3. Should health care cost as much as it does now?
  4. International financial reporting standards
  5. Ebola treatment: advances and issues
  6. Environment and resource preserving
  7. Solution against bullying at educational institutions
  8. A guide to the history of cultural revolutions
  9. Corruption in politics and ways to eliminate it
  10. Totalitarian regimes: similarities and differences
  11. The real threats of GMO food
  12. Zero tolerance towards violence
  13. The nature and functions of strategic management
  14. Harmful effects of advertising to kids
  15. Financial planning and forecasting
  16. How brand advertising impacts political campaigns

PowerPoint presentation: winning attention of the audience

Spending some time thinking about the format and the content of your PowerPoint slides, as well as structuring speaker notes will enhance the chances of a top-notch presentation. Follow these tips to conquer the attention of your listeners:

Tip 1: Make it clear

This rule applies not only to the information you are sharing with the audience verbally. The textual information on your slides should be concise and understandable for the listeners. The same principle works for speaker notes: the best strategy here is to include only focal points which you are going to cover in your presentation.

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TTip 2: Keep it visual

Make advantage of the visuals for maintaining attention of your audience. This involves using bullet points, including relevant pictures, adding headlines and highlighting key information. Remember that your aim is to keep your listeners’ attention from the first slide to the very last sentence of your presentation.

Tip 3: Be consistent

The whole range of visuals available may be tempting, however, don’t overuse them. For example, one slide should include not more than 6-7 bullet points and 1-2 pictures. Keep in mind that you should stick to the same design and not get carried away with colors, fonts, and backgrounds to make your presentation look professional. delivers unique professional PowerPoint presentations, which match all students’ instructions and the deadline. Customize your presentation by choosing:

  • Subject of the presentation (from English, Literature, & Philology to Engineering & Construction and much more!)
  • Level (high school, college, undergraduate, master, or Ph.D.)
  • Number of slides (depends on your teacher’s requirements)
  • Urgency (get your presentation done within 3 hours, 12 hours, or 7 days)

Buy a presentation online: original work when you need it

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