But first… What is a research paper? This type of written paper is a piece of academic writing aimed at demonstrating students’ knowledge of a particular topic. Writing a research paper is a very common assignment at the university, and is used to assess understanding and academic performance of a student. Any research paper involves independent research carried out by its author, as well as their interpretation of the key findings.

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Research paper: 3 tips how to write a paper in a few hours

To achieve success with your research paper, you can’t just open your laptop and start writing down your thoughts. The actual process of creating a good quality research paper is neither simple nor linear; instead, it consists of several stages that are connected with each other.

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Tip 1: Organize your paper

A research paper has a relatively standardized format; however, writing guidelines may vary among educational institutions and professors. So, before you start working on your research paper, be sure to check the requirements with your university professor. So be sure to create an outline and come up with a thesis before you actually start writing your paper. Working on a plan is the first step in the writing process for work2-me.com professionals: they closely work with every student to ensure meeting all the requirements of their university (or high school) professor.

Tip 2: Have a clear structure

Generally, every research paper contains introduction with a thesis, main body, conclusion, and a list of books and other materials used. Make sure that you include all the necessary elements of the research paper, such as a thesis, well-reasoned arguments, a restated thesis in your conclusion, and properly cited sources.

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Tip 3: Think about the significance of your paper

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