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Step 1: choosing a research topic

The list of possible topics of term papers is generally approved by the department or school. This actually makes the task easier for you: you just need to look out for a topic you are interested in and confirm it with your supervisor. The topic of your paper should be connected with your academic interests, be understandable and interesting, so that you are able to maintain interest to your written paper while working on it. Be sure to always choose the topic well in advance, so that you have plenty of options available.

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In case you cannot decide what topic for your term paper to choose, take a look at this list and feel free to use ideas from it:

  • Artificial intelligence: pros and cons
  • Economics and corporate social responsibility
  • Calculating risks in business
  • Sport as a political instrument
  • The power of advertisements
  • The usage of psychology by government
  • Japanese economical wonder: reasons and consequences
  • Loyalty programs as an instrument of marketing
  • Political parties: structure & functions
  • How Black Friday sales benefit company
  • Corporate culture in business
  • Green energy and oil companies
  • Internet safety and cybercrimes
  • Media as a political power
  • Overcoming the problem of underemployment in the USA

Step 2: making a plan

This step involves thinking about the structure of your term paper. The plan of your term paper affects the quality of your written paper, alongside how term paper looks like. Traditionally, the plan of your term paper consists of several parts: introduction, main body, conclusion, and references, which is a list of resources you have referred to in your paper. However, when drafting a plan, you should also think about the chapters, sections, and subsections of your paper, which can be challenging for a student.

Note that there is no ready-made plan for your paper, so spend some time thinking about what components your paper should have. If you are stuck with the plan, you can always contact work2-me.com, the term paper writing service, and simplify your work.

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Step 3: structuring your term paper

After you have found the resources for your paper, you need to arrange them properly and that’s it – you are ready to start working on the structure of the paper!

Remember that to get an A for your written assignment, you have to structure your paper in such a way that it’s persuasive to the reader and make the flow of your thinking clear. Stuck with your term paper? Share the complicated task with our professionals and get instant assistance at affordable price!

If you are brave enough to try writing a term paper on your own, then follow our short guide to your  paper’s structure.

  1. Introduction. In your first section, you explain the topic chosen and write about the relevance of the research topic. Why is the topic important for the field of study? What is the thesis statement of your term paper? What are the key terms and concepts used in your written paper? These are some of the questions that should be reflected in the introduction.
  2. Main body. The longest part of your term paper, main body generally consists of several chapters or paragraphs. Main body is where the reader gets acquainted with the key findings of your research paper. In this section, you provide detailed information about your research and support your findings with statistics, tables, and charts.
  3. Conclusion. This is the final part of your term paper, where a student is expected to restate the thesis and include some final insights and future research suggestions. Conclusion is like the final chord of the song, the aim of which is to let the reader know that your piece of paper is complete.

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