How many times have you watched someone make a speech and thought that you would rather spend time on more exciting things? In our everyday life and at work, at weddings and birthdays, at the meetings with partners and during group projects at college – we have to prepare speeches for different occasions and on different topics. But how to make the audience actually listen to you and grasp the points you are making – without yawning or falling asleep? There are several technics that you may use to give a great speech. You may also contact professional writing service – we will help you craft a public speech, which will make a lasting impression on your audience!


Top tips for writing a speech

Remember that writing (and delivering!) speeches requires constant practice on part of the presenter. This skill is something that you cannot acquire overnight, so don’t feel disappointed if the first speech you are working on will not be the best. Feel free to use these tips that the writers of have shared:

Tip 1: Know your audience

A perfect speech is always tailored to the audience. If you are to make a speech on economic growth, you probably won’t be giving the same speech to freshmen in college and your business partners. Understanding the audience before you start typing the very first lines of your speech is a key to your success; it will help you determine what language and ideas you should include in your speech.

Tip 2: Think about the purpose

What do you aim to accomplish in your speech? Do you want the audience to be entertained or educated? The purpose of your speech defines its structure, length, tone, and will always be different depending on what objectives you want to reach in your speech. If you are reluctant to determine the purpose and the expectations of your audience on your own, we can help you with that – just seek help from, a cheap custom writing service, to get quality help with your speech!

Tip 3: Make an outline

Don’t start writing your speech before you have a clear plan of what goes first and what goes next. Having a plan in front of you will make the process much easier and will help you define what main ideas you will include in your speech. Generally, a speech includes introduction, main part with several ideas and arguments, and conclusion.

Tip 4: Don’t make it too long

This point speaks for itself: when writing and presenting a speech, try not to overwhelm your audience. The writing process will be much simpler if you determine the target length of your speech. The length of your speech depends on the purpose, the audience, and the moment when you are presenting. For example, the speech for the business conference, the speech at the graduation ceremony, and the speech at the wedding will all be of different length.

Tip 5: Get ready for multiple drafts

No perfect speech has ever been written overnight. Therefore, it’s important to give yourself time to revise your speech and to work on several drafts until you feel that your speech is perfect. If you think that constant reviewing and revising is not for you, contact writing service for professional help with your speech for any occasion and on any topic!

How to structure your speech

One of the initial steps of writing any speech involves crafting its outline. Here are several components that should be included in any speech:

  1. Introduction. What you write or say in the introduction depends on the type of your speech. If you are doing a presentation for your university course, you will start by stating your thesis and giving some background information on your topic. If you are speaking at the wedding reception, you will probably start by introducing yourself and talking about your relationship with the groom or bride. If you are making a business speech, it’s important to start by a hook to draw your colleagues’ attention.
  2. Main part. Regardless of what type your speech is, this part is all about expressing ideas and supporting them with appropriate arguments and evidence. In business setting or in college, you are likely to use statistics, facts, and opinions by scientists while when giving a speech in a more relaxed atmosphere (at parties or birthdays) you can tell stories from your life and anecdotes.
  3. Conclusion. Briefly sum up your ideas and repeat the main idea(s) that you want your audience to take away from the speech.

Get quality writing help with your speech

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