Whatever job you are applying for, be it a language instructor, a data scientist, or a human resources manager, the first step is writing a winning resume. A resume that will land you interviews and get you the well-paying job of your dreams.

While resume is just a one-page record of your qualifications, work experience, and personal achievements, it’s also your most powerful tool when looking for a job. Your resume is the first contact between you and the company you will be working for. This is why it’s important to make your resume stand out, as well as keep it concise and easy to read.

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A well-written resume: structure and organization

The most common question when crafting a resume is ‘what information should I put on my resume?’ There are several sections that each winning resume should have:

  1. Contact Information. This section actually speaks for itself – you include here the ways the company can get in touch with you. Your name, email, phone number, address, a link to your LinkedIn profile are the components that you should add here.
  1. 2. Skills & Qualifications Summary. Tell why you are qualified for the position you are applying for by listing the skills you want to display. For example, if you are looking for a Project Manager job, it’s worth mentioning how many projects you’ve successfully completed in the course of your career. Providing a summary of your skills and qualification is a great way to demonstrate that you are qualified for the job you are applying for.
  1. Professional Experience. Provide the details on the jobs you’ve had before. Items to be included here: company name, position title, and the dates when you worked there. After this, be sure to highlight your major achievements in the previous jobs and provide a short overview of your day-to-day responsibilities for each position.
  1. Education. Your HR manager will look at your education, even if you graduated decades ago. This is why it’s important to mention your education background (name of your university, year of graduation, degree, and GPA, especially if you are fresh out of university). Don’t make this section too long, but rather keep it direct and simple.
  1. Additional Information. Depending on the resume format and your skills, you can also include several additional sections. Top options here are your soft skills, awards and honors, certifications (for example, if you participated in a workshop that is related to your future job), and publications. When thinking about what extra information to include into your resume, always keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your resume too complicated and long – otherwise you run the risk of not being noticed among the thousands of resumes of other applicants.

Remember that you can yourself choose the sections that are the best fit for your resume. However, each resume should include at least sections 1 to 4 because they are inalienable components that each HR manager needs to know about the job applicant.

Writing an exceptional resume: best tips

If you are about to start working on your resume, make sure to review the tips that work2-me.com professionals have shared.

Tip 1. Review the best samples. It’s always better to first take a look at a few examples of the most successful resumes other job applicants create. Browse the Internet and analyze each resume identifying its strong and weak points. You can use this information when working on your own resume.

Tip 2. Choose the format. There are several resume formats that you can choose from, including functional (highlights your skills and experience), chronological (lists your work experience in the chronological order), targeted (focuses on your skills that are relevant for a specific job opening) types of resume formats.  

Tip 3. Use a resume template. This will definitely make the process of crafting a resume less time-consuming. The template will save your time and provide you with a layout for your resume, which will help you format the sections of your resume. But don’t think that you can’t make adjustments to the template: instead, you can modify sections and add extra sections if you need them.

Tip 4. Keep it short. We all are inclined to include as much information about ourselves as we can. However, remember that an HR manager has no more than a minute to look through your resume. This is why, it’s critical that you make your resume concise and easy to navigate. A one-page resume is preferable; but if you have a robust list of experience and personal achievements that you can’t fit into one page, then you can definitely extend your resume and add another page.

Tip 5. Use a professional font. Since an HR manager has just about 60 seconds to review a resume, one should make it as easy to read as possible. The best way to do that is to use a clear and readable font (Times New Roman or Arial, size 10-12 is preferable). Make sure that each component of your resume appears in the same font.

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