Each student, no matter what they are majoring in, will take a course in English, literature or philology at some point of their studying. Although these fields of study may be considered easier than, say, business or engineering, we want to warn you against drawing wrong conclusions. Written assignment in English, literature, or philology may well be a daunting task, which requires a student to provide a comprehensive analysis of the subject given.

What are the distinctive features of a written paper on English, literature or philology? Here’s an answer:

  • A clear structure of the paper, including introduction, main body, and conclusion
  • Use of a variety of relevant and meaningful sources
  • Review of scientific research in the field of study combined with a student’s own opinion
  • A strong thesis supported by several convincing arguments

Coping with your written assignment

The bad news about writing assignments on English, literature or philology is that they require considerable amount of time and effort, if you want to create a paper that stands out. The good news, however, is that with dedication and creativity, a student can successfully cope with this task and get a good grade. Follow these four tips for writing a top-notch written paper, which will impress your professor:

Tip 1: Study reliable sources. When writing an essay or a term paper on literature, philology or English, you should demonstrate that you’ve studied a wide number of books and scientific articles and have acquired necessary expertise. If you miss this step, your paper won’t be as convincing as you want it to be.

Tip 2: Don’t go into details. When summarizing a novel or a story, don’t include every detail about it as your professor knows its content. Focus on the original ideas, which support the thesis of your paper.

Tip 3: Be creative. This may sound like a cliché, but English, literature and philology are fields of study where creativity is encouraged. This is why before writing the first paragraph of your paper think about how many papers your professor has already read, and try to surprise him. Imagination is the solution!

Tip 4:  Proofread. You will be surprised by how many mistakes you can spot if you do proofreading of your paper. When proofreading your paper on English, literature or philology, pay particular attention to grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – you do want your assignment to look impressive, don’t you?

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