Each student has their own system of completing written assignments, but such an ambitious project as a thesis requires full-scale preparation well in advance. Hardly any student will deny this. While writing a thesis may sound almost like an impossible task, we’d like to reassure you: with meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and responsibility you will be able to craft an excellent thesis, as well as develop new skills and enhance your experience.


Thesis: definition & format

A thesis provides in-depth analysis of a certain topic, upon successful completion of which the candidate is awarded a master’s degree. This paper provides useful discoveries in a certain field and is developed autonomously by a student – of course, with a sound theoretical basis and quality literature reviewed. Remember that the findings of your research should make valuable contribution to the field.

There is a general format according to which a thesis is written. A typical thesis includes the following parts: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Aims & Objectives, Methods, Results (usually from two to four chapters), Discussion, and Conclusion.

Some students might ask: “What’s the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?” Actually, the fundamental difference between these two types of papers is their aim: a thesis is required for a master’s degree while a dissertation is written to obtain a doctorate degree. The purpose of a master’s thesis is to show your understanding of the field you are studying. At the same time dissertation focuses on the original research on a subject which hasn’t been thoroughly studied yet.

What to aim for?

What are the examiners looking for? A very relevant question which bothers each candidate. Well, here is a list of what’s expected from a high quality thesis:

  1. The paper should be based on up-to-date literature.
  2. Adequate knowledge of the topic should be presented.
  3. Objectivity is required – both when working on a theory and when presenting the results of the research.
  4. Only effective and well-reasoned arguments should be used in your thesis.

Keep in mind that these are just general recommendations for a thesis, based on the requirements of examination committees of top UK and US colleges. Make sure to ask your supervisor for other requirements beforehand!

4 tips for writing a great thesis

As you understand, this does require hard work. Working on a thesis is like running a marathon, with some miles harder than others. We are sharing with you a few simple rules to increase the chances of success and make the writing process as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Pick up a topic. Think carefully about the topic of your paper – it must be both difficult enough and manageable. Remember that you have to invest much effort and time in your thesis, so choose wisely.
  2. Work with your supervisor. Although a thesis is an independent autonomous paper, it’s advisable to work closely with your scientific supervisor at each stage of your writing process – be it choosing the topic, preparing the plan, gathering information or summarizing your ideas. However, you should find the right balance and not be too intrusive.
  3. Be ready to rewrite. Yes, writing your thesis to a large extent means rewriting your thesis. Be prepared to work on the text of your paper as it takes shape, and remember that rewriting is an inalienable part of the process.
  4. Proofread. When you finally write the last sentence of your thesis, you might find it too exhausting to proofread the entire paper again. But this is imperative. If you can’t cope with the proofreading task yourself, ask a friend or a family member. Or contact work2-me.com – we will be glad to do the proofreading of your thesis and correct all grammar and spelling mistakes to make your paper perfect.

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