With the development of digital technologies and an increased role of the mass media, degrees in journalism or mass communication are becoming increasingly popular with students. Jobs in the sphere of journalism and mass communication are among the most demanded ones in the digital age. Thus, if you decide to take up journalism or mass communication as your major or if you select this course at the university, be prepared to do extensive research and write tons of written assignments.

The truth is that writing assignments on journalism and mass communication can be a challenging task. There are a few distinctive features of written assignments on journalism and mass communication, which a student must take into account:

  • A crisp and clear content based on a well-thought-our plan with introduction, main body, and conclusion
  • Use of credible sources of information
  • Proper citation and appropriate format

Four effective tips for a great paper

Whether you are writing a paper on the history of mass communication or on brand management, you are likely to be faced with situations when you no longer know what to write in the next paragraph. Make use of these four tips for creating a written assignment on journalism and mass communication, to prevent situations when you are stuck at a certain point of your paper:

Tip 1: Showcase your writing skills. For a future journalist or a public relations professional, having exceptional writing skills is a must. Consider your paper as an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills, and of course improve them – this will save you time in the future.

Tip 2: Omit needless words and phrases. It is always tempting to include empty words and vague sentences. If you can spot phrases like “it goes without saying” or “in the contemporary world” – cross them out immediately, as they carry no meaning.

Tip 3: Use the active voice. Where possible, avoid using the passive voice: write “People watched this media campaign 1.5 million times” instead of “This media campaign was watched 1.5 million times”.

Tip 4: Keep in mind the requirements. However outstanding your paper may be, it won’t get you a good grade if it fails to meet your professor’s requirement. Whether you are writing introduction or already doing proofreading, be sure to take a look at the assignment requirements to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

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