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Writing an essay is one of the most common written assignments that students get at universities in the USA, the UK, and all across the globe. Generally, in an essay a student responds to a question by proving it with relevant arguments and critical reasoning. Essays are used as a tool  of assessing a student’s knowledge of the subject and understanding of the topic.

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Essay: 5 tips for your perfect university essay

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If you are willing to do the task of writing an essay on your own, take a look at the recommendations that will help you craft a perfect written assignment. Irrespective of the essay subject, its type and size, there are a few universal secrets which will help you write a 500-word essay of outstanding quality. the best essay writers is happy to share these tips and recommendations with you!

Tip 1: Write a good introduction

“How to write an essay introduction?” is a question many university students ask before they actually start writing the very first lines of their essays. Be sure to include in this section the thesis of your essay, some background information on the topic (context), and components you will be discussing (structure). Always keep in mind that introduction is a chance for you to hook your reader’s interest – do it from the very first sentence!

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Tip 2: Structure your thoughts

Writing body paragraphs is your next step: be sure to begin each new thought with a different paragraph, and always pick up well-reasoned arguments to support your ideas. Generally, an essay body consists of three or four paragraphs. Just remember that if you are unsure about this rather challenging part of the essay, you can always seek for college essay help. If you are stressed out and asking ‘Should I pay someone to do my essay online?’, then hire a professional writer from team! Our experts are capable of creating a custom, 0 plagiarism essay paper delivered well before the deadline.

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Tip 3: Finishing up

In the essay conclusion, you sum up your ideas and arguments and restate your thesis. Your final thought can be expressed in a form of a prediction based on the key findings of your essay. Keep in mind that your final part should be approximately equal to the introduction in terms of the size (around 25% of the essay size). We know that writing the essay conclusion may not be the most pleasant task for a college or a high school student. So here’s the solution: share this task with our essay writers online and save your time and nerves!

Tip 4: Reread and check!

After you have written the final part of your essay, be sure to reread your essay and check its integrity, sequence and coherence, as well as track any grammar or spelling mistakes. If English is not your native language, don’t worry: you can always buy a cheap essay created by native-speaking writers of! For only $14 (high school level) and $17 (college or university level), you will get a 100% original paper tailored to the requirements that you’ve shared with us. Affordable and delivered on time!

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Tip 5: Be unusual

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Essay: 15 basic types of essays in academic writing

Now let’s focus on different types of essays. ‘Why should I distinguish between different types of essays?’ – a student may ask. The answer is pretty simple: each essay has its own goal. Do you want to share your personal experience? Explain an issue? Describe an event? Convince your audience to accept a certain point of view? All these different purposes require different types of essays.

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Depending on the purpose, the writer will choose one of these essay types:

  1. Argumentative Essay
  2. Application Essay
  3. Narrative Essay
  4. Research Essay
  5. Synthesis Essay
  6. Expository Essay
  7. Descriptive Essay
  8. Persuasive Essay
  9. Analytical Essay
  10. Cause and Effect Essay
  11. Comparison and Contrast Essay
  12. Critical Essay
  13. Explanatory Essay
  14. Process Essay: ielts
  15. Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Type 1: Argumentative 

This is probably the most common type of essay in universities and high schools. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to explore a particular topic and provide argumentation for both sides of the issue. So be prepared to gather information, identify your point of view, and choose well-reasoned arguments to support your position.

For many students, choosing an engaging topic for an argumentative essay is a task itself. If you need some inspiration, then check out these topics for this type of essay:

  • Topic #1: Production of tobacco must be illegal.
  • Topic #2: What are the negative effects of diets?
  • Topic #3: Pros and cons of globalization.
  • Topic #4: How technology influences education.
  • Topic #5: Health care should become free for all.

Argumentative essay involves presenting logical information and rationalization to support the point of view. Hence the tip for all students who are creating this type of assignment: steer clear of ethical interpretation and instead focus on logical arguments!

Type 2: Application 

Application essay is a crucial part of any college application. Usually a student who is applying to a university is asked to write 300-600 words to respond to a specific prompt. So how to write a winning application essay which will impress college admission committee?

Do share your own story and personal experience.

Don’t try to cover too many topics in one essay.

Do use your creativity and try to stand out.

Don’t just state the fact (for example: ‘I am an outgoing person who likes to meet new people’), but always provide specific information (describe a specific situation from your life when you were outgoing. What were you doing? Who surrounded you? What does it mean to be outgoing for you?)

Struggling with your college application essay? There is nothing better than to outsource this daunting though extremely important task to professionals. best essay buying site will carefully review the prompt and deliver a 100% original and creative application essay that will get you into the college of your choice. 24/7 online help, fast & cheap, and ready on time!

Type 3: Narrative 

Narrative essay tells a story. The writer generally talks about an event (or events) that happened in their life, and how this event influenced them. Though this type of essay seems to be an easy one, don’t jump to conclusions: you have to demonstrate both your creative writing skills and understanding of the topic.

If you are stuck, take a look at our list of great narrative essay topics:

  • Topic #1: Your favorite summer vacation.
  • Topic #2: The most amazing experience in your life.
  • Topic #3: Your study abroad trip.
  • Topic #4: Your first time away from home.
  • Topic #5: A time when you got lost.

Keep in mind that your goal is to tell a good story based on the prompt. General advice here: take your reader on a journey, steadily building the story’s plot, and keep the readers interested!

Type 4: Research 

The essence of this paper is clear from its name: in a research essay, you are asked to provide original research on a particular topic. Research papers require students to demonstrate their academic knowledge of the subject.

Generally the first challenge students are facing when writing research essays is how to choose the topic. A rule of thumb here is to select the topic you are truly interested in. The topic can be formulated as a question or as a statement. Read on to see some good topics for a research essay:

  • Topic #1: Is nuclear power safe for people?
  • Topic #2: How can we avoid animal testing?
  • Topic #3: Should schools be equipped with metal detectors?
  • Topic #4: Do students learn better in same-sex classrooms?
  • Topic #5: Can overpopulation be managed?

Whenever you write a research essay, you need a thesis statement, which reflects the central idea of the paper formulated in one sentence. An effective thesis statement will make it clear for the readers what your research essay will be about.

If the idea of working with stacks of books and articles in the college library is anxiety-provoking, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. Their experience will make the process of writing a research essay enjoyable and simple!

Type 5: Synthesis 

Synthesis essay is a piece of academic writing that focuses on a viewpoint on a topic and supports it with multiple sources. Before you begin creating this written assignment, it is important to understand what ‘synthesis’ means. Synthesis is when several components are brought together and become a connected whole. Hence, sources are at the heart of a synthesis essay.

While the range of topics depends on the field of study, experts have put together a list of 5 topics you may consider for your synthesis essay:

  • Topic #1: How social media affects the academic performance of students?
  • Topic #2: How American lifestyle contributes to global warming?
  • Topic #3: In what way do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  • Topic #4: Is the American Dream achievable for an average person?
  • Topic #5: Should we limit immigration?

Unlike other types of essays, synthesis essays require you to use numerous credible resources to make several claims that are connected into one whole. Make sure that the sources you are including are relevant, published in trustworthy books and academic journals, and are not outdated. To make the task easier, you can first find an example with sources on the Internet and find inspiration there. Or you can place your essay order online with our custom writing service and get the assignment done easy & fast!

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Type 6: Expository

Expository essay is all about investigating and clarifying something to make it evident for the reader. The purpose of an expository essay is to explain an idea or a topic in a straightforward manner, based on facts. This type of essay is very common for high school and is usually formulated as ‘Explain…’ or ‘Describe…’

  • Topic #1: Explain how music influences your life.
  • Topic #2: Describe the consequences of skipping classes.
  • Topic #3: Explain why some teens get part-time jobs.
  • Topic #4: Explain why you are interested in a particular career.
  • Topic #5: Describe some productive ways of spending free time.

Keep in mind that the main idea of an expository essay is to explain something. This means that your arguments should be objective and backed up by facts rather than beliefs. You can share your opinion in a conclusion, logically derived from arguments in the main body.

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Type 7: Descriptive 

As the title suggests, descriptive essay is a type of essay where a student should describe an object, process, experience, person, situation, and so on. This academic assignment tests your ability to make a written account of a particular event of experience.

We have collected top 5 descriptive essay topics to spark your creative thinking:

  • Topic #1: Describe a museum that you have visited recently.
  • Topic #2: Describe your favorite person.
  • Topic #3: Describe your favorite toy from childhood.
  • Topic #4: Describe a memorable trip with your family.
  • Topic #5: Describe a time when you felt excited.

Although writing a descriptive essay may sounds like an easy task, don’t jump to conclusions. Descriptive essay has all the necessary components of other types of essays, including introduction with a thesis statement, body part, and conclusion. At the same time, don’t forget to about creativity: your essay is a success only if you can keep your reader interested until the very end of the assignment.

Type 8: Persuasive

Persuasive essay utilizes both logic and reason to prove that one idea is more legitimate than another. This type of essay is aimed at persuading a reader to adopt a certain viewpoint or take action. Use the same rule of thumb when selecting the topic: you should find it exciting and compelling. Take a look at these top persuasive essay topics for college and high school level:

  • Topic #1: Can e-books replace traditional textbooks?
  • Topic #2: School newspapers play a vital role in high school.
  • Topic #3: Students should learn at least 3 foreign languages at school.
  • Topic #4: Can online learning replace traditional classes?
  • Topic #5: Health care should be free for everybody.

Each persuasive essay will be evaluated based on the rubric. Hence, it is a good idea to use the rubric as a guide (you can download it on the Internet) when creating your persuasive essay. Do you have questions about how to write a well-crafted persuasive essay? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts! You can always buy essay paper online and forget about problems with study.

Type 9: Analytical 

The purpose of an analytical essay is to present an argument or claim and analyze it. This type of essay can be written to analyze a movie, book, as well as idea, historical event, or scientific research.

For example, if you are writing an analytical essay about a movie, you can focus on what motifs a character or a group of characters has. If you are analyzing a poem, you can also argue why a specific line is central to the poem as a whole.

Generally instructors assign topics for an analytical essay, however, sometimes they leave it to students. In this case, consider yourself lucky! Here are some analytical essay topics that you can use:

  • Topic #1: Analyze the historical context of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’
  • Topic #2: Analyze the concept of mortality in ‘Hamlet’
  • Topic #3: Should historical movies be a part of the educational process?
  • Topic #4: Should government decrease the voting age in the United States?
  • Topic #5: The concept of vengeance in ‘Beowulf’

Every analytical essay has a thesis statement in the introduction. Keep in mind that your thesis should be narrow enough. ‘Gun control’ could be a topic for a PhD dissertation, but it is probably too broad for an analytical essay. essay writers online will help you choose a compelling topic for your analytical essay or craft an outstanding essay on a topic assigned by your instructor. Cheap essay help, stress-free, and 24/7!

Type 10: Cause and Effect 

Cause and effect essays investigate causes for something, then the results (effects). This type of essay allows you to identify the way things relate to each other, or why certain things take place. The following list of cause and effect essay topics will save you plenty of time when working on your essay:

  • Topic #1: Video games can boost IQ.
  • Topic #2: Social media can improve communication skills.
  • Topic #3: Emotional problems cause poor immunity.
  • Topic #4: Advertising influences brand image.
  • Topic #5: Regular exercise helps reduce stress.

The most common mistake students make while working on a cause and effect essay is confusing causes and effects. To detect causes, you should ask: ‘Why did this happen?’ To determine effects, you should ask: ‘What happened because of this?’

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Type 11: Comparison and Contrast 

This type of written assignment examines the similarities and the differences between two (or more) objects. Comparison and contrast essay is a common task at college where professors test your understanding of a topic by asking you to compare and contrast two methods, two theories, two approaches, two historical periods, and so on.

When working on a comparison and contrast essay, your first step will be choosing a win-win topic. If you are stuck, take a look at our suggestions and feel free to use them:

  • Topic #1: Homeschooling vs. traditional school.
  • Topic #2: Capitalism vs. communism.
  • Topic #3: E-books vs. hardcopy.
  • Topic #4: Nuclear power vs. solar power.
  • Topic #5: Traditional vs. online shopping.

After you have decided on the topic, choose the structure of your comparison and contrast essay. The two types of structure are point-by-point and block. The block method is used to compare and contrast Object 1, then you move on to Object 2. In point-by-point method, every similarity or difference for Object 1 is followed by the similarity or difference for Object 2.

Type 12: Critical 

Critical essay demonstrates your ability to analyze an article, or a movie, or a short story. For short, you need to evaluate a piece of literature (or another source) and provide your readers with an informative summary. You goal is to create an informative analysis, rather than to persuade your targeted audience.

Get some fresh ideas for your critical essay here:

  • Topic #1: Analyze the character of Tiny Tim in ‘The Christmas Carol’.
  • Topic #2: Write a critical analysis of ‘The Wizard of Oz ‘.
  • Topic #3: Analyze the character of Boxer in ‘Animal Farm’.
  • Topic #4: Analyze the setting of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.
  • Topic #5: Discuss the major characters in ‘Great Expectations’

To write a successful, cohesive, and clear critical essay, you should develop a deep understanding of the source you are analyzing. To support your ideas, you should also use quotes and summaries from the original text.

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Type 13: Explanatory

Explanatory essay is the type of assignment, the purpose of which is to explain something rather than persuade or argue. When working on an explanatory essay, you should allow your audience to make its own conclusions, rather than making them agree or disagree with a viewpoint.

The good news is that there are plenty of topics to choose from when writing an explanatory essay. The following essay topics are meant for students who have not made up their mind yet:

  • Topic #1: Materials to use in building a sustainable structure.
  • Topic #2: How does 3D printing affect technology?
  • Topic #3: How is diplomacy used to prevent war?
  • Topic #4: The role of the United Nations.
  • Topic #5: Stress management in high school.

Remember: in this type of essay, there is no place for bias. You are expected to discover and present facts, facts, and only facts! Therefore, you should base your argumentation on statistics, academic and scientific research, quotations, and definitions.

Type 14: Process 

The purpose of a process essay is to inform the reader how to do something. A proper process essay should teach the targeted audience the steps for attaining a certain goal. Process essays are sometimes called ‘how-to essays’. Process essay is also used in IELTS: a student is asked to describe a certain process in writing.

The range of topics for a process essay is pretty impressive, so be sure to choose the one you are interested in. You may consider the following topics:

  • Topic #1: How to achieve straight A grades.
  • Topic #2: How to write a job email.
  • Topic #3: How to plan a road trip.
  • Topic #4: How to get along with people.
  • Topic #5: How to make your hobby your job.

When writing a process essay, it is crucial to keep the sequence of steps in mind. This means that you should not skip steps or go back to explain something that you wrote before. Follow a chronological order when sharing instructions with your reader in order not to confuse them.

Type 15: Rhetorical Analysis 

As it is often said, rhetorical analysis essays are ‘writing about writing’. In this type of essay, you are asked to determine how a writer of the work you are analyzing came up with their conclusions and arguments. For example, you can ask ‘What does the author intend to say?’ or ‘How does all the writer’s argumentation work together?’ Rhetorical analysis essay is one of the writing tasks which appears on the AP Lang.

A key to a brilliant rhetorical analysis essay is finding an awesome topic. Check out these 5 topics and feel free to use them as needed:

  • Topic #1: Provide a rhetorical analysis of a political speech.
  • Topic #2: Provide a rhetorical analysis of an Inaugural Address of a US President.
  • Topic #3: Provide a rhetorical analysis of a speech of a Nobel Prize winner.
  • Topic #4: Analyze Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘Alone’.
  • Topic #5: Analyze William Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 (‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’)

Keep in mind that it is better to choose a nonfiction piece of writing for your rhetorical analysis essay. Speeches and short stories or poems are the best solution here. Also it is beneficial to select a notable piece of writing which is known for your audience.


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