A persuasive essay studies a specific topic and aims to convince the audience that one point of view is more legitimate than the other. Persuasive essays are based on scientific articles, scholarly books, statistical analysis, interviews, and surveys to provide evidence that backs up the writer’s opinion.

Unlike descriptive essay where students are asked to describe something, the main goal of a persuasive essay is to persuade your readers that your point of view is more logical and informed. The aim of each persuasive essay is the same – regardless if you are writing a persuasive essay on gun control for your university class or on sport for your middle school class.


In this article, you will get acquainted with the definition, outline, and writing tips that will make the process of persuasive essay writing more enjoyable!

Persuasive essay: how to write

Persuasive essays have certain standard requirements for their structure. While writing a persuasive essay can seem like a very challenging task, you can be sure that with some effort on your part you will be able to craft an outstanding persuasive essay. Follow these tips to get an A+!

Tip 1: Choose an exciting topic

Before creating introduction of your persuasive essay, you should think about a good topic for your essay. We can help you find the best topic for your written assignment, no matter if you are writing a persuasive essay for your English, political science, business, public administration or social science course. We chose a few persuasive essay topics that you might find helpful:

  1. Topic #1: The current US taxation system is unfair.
  2. Topic #2: Hobbies help people with their careers.
  3. Topic #3: Children must get a larger allowance.
  4. Topic #4: E-books can replace traditional books.
  5. Topic #5: Freedom of speech should be limited.  

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Tip 2: Do your research

Any strong argument is based on strong evidence. This is why you need to understand your topic from multiple angles and be ready to provide evidence from reputable sources. Never rely on unfounded assumptions – your professor won’t like this!

Persuasive essay: important!

Persuasive essay should be backed up by scientific articles, academic journals, statistics, and expert opinions. Need assignment help? Outsource the task to professionals! Free revisions and 24/7 customer support guaranteed!

Tip 3: Convince your audience

Unlike many other types of essays, persuasive essays ask you to demonstrate your opinion on certain topics and questions. One thing to remember: your personal point of view should always be backed up by a variety of sources. If you are struggling and cannot cope with the assignment on your own, be sure to seek help from our experts!

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Tip 4: Use rubric as a guide

Persuasive essay rubric is a set of criteria that the grading of the assignment is based on. These criteria typically include structure, thesis, reasons and support, grammar and spelling. If you are familiar with the rubric well in advance, the process of writing a persuasive essay will be much less daunting!

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Persuasive essay: TOP 3 mistakes to avoid

We all know: mistakes are frustrating. Especially if you’ve been tirelessly working on your assignment. Especially on a Friday night. No matter if youare a high school or a college student, do your best to avoid these 3 common pitfalls in persuasive essays:

Mistake Original sentence Revision
Mistake 1: Not enough supporting evidence When supporting your claim, you must use various types of reliable sources that can back up your ideas. Phrases like ‘according to the statistics’ or ‘statistics shows’ without mentioning a specific name of a survey or another source is the wrong way. School uniforms are typically less comfortable than normal clothing. According to the statistics, the majority of students feel uncomfortable in their school uniforms, and this type of clothing does not adapt to climate extremes. School uniforms are typically less comfortable than normal clothing. 2019 Research on School Uniforms titled ‘The Downsides of School Uniforms’ has shown that the majority of students feel uncomfortable in their school uniforms, and this type of clothing does not adapt to climate extremes.
Mistake 2: Fail to use transition words Some transition words and phrases you can use in your persuasive essay are: however, furthermore, in addition, in fact, in reality, clearly, obviously, for example, in other words, according to and so on. Don’t neglect them! Education has been intertwined with writing. University professors have been writing down their lectures, and students have been keeping notes. With the emergence of modern technologies such as laptops and mobile phones, traditional methods are becoming obsolete. Over the centuries, education has been intertwined with writing. University professors have been writing down their lectures while students have been keeping notes. However, with the emergence of modern technologies such as laptops and mobile phones, traditional methods are obviously becoming obsolete.
Mistake 3: Run-on sentences A run-on sentence is when two or even more clauses are connected improperly. Always use a comma to connect the clauses. The results of the study were unclear which is why additional research needs to be done. The results of the study were unclear, which is why additional research needs to be done.

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