Synthesis essay is a type of essay that focuses on a certain point of view on a particular topic and supports it with several sources. Before you start working on this assignment, you should first understand what ‘synthesis’ means. Synthesis means that several components are brought together and become a connected whole. In academic writing, you can be asked to synthesize other scholars’ ideas, theories, scientific findings, as well as graphes and tables.


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Synthesis essay: definition and tips

If you are already googling ‘how to write synthesis essay’, then this article can give you a helping hand. Just check out our top tips for writing a synthesis essay and make your academic task less daunting and time-consuming!

Tip 1: Select your topic

Many students think that with this type of essay it is actually easier when the topic or a prompt is assigned to you by your university instructor. But don’t worry if you have to choose it yourself: a rule of thumb is to select the topic where you can find plenty of credible sources. Remember: if you are not sure, you can always outsource your task to us and get quality help with your synthesis thesis for only $14 a page!

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Some win-win topics for your synthesis essay may be:

  • Topic #1: How does the television affect presidential elections in the U.S.?
  • Topic #2: How have social media influenced college students?
  • Topic #3: How have the standards of beauty changed recently?
  • Topic #4: In what ways does violent music influence kids?
  • Topic #5: In what ways has the UN helped maintain peace?

The topics can also be formulated as prompts, for example:

‘The television has affected presidential elections in the U.S. since the 1970s. What is this influence? In what ways has it affected presidential elections? Refer to 3-4 sources to support your position’.

Tip 2: Choose the sources carefully

Since a synthesis essay is all about sources, you should pay attention to selecting the ones that are trustworthy. Remember that the Internet cannot be viewed as a credible source; instead, use scientific articles, books, journals, and documents.

Synthesis essay: important!

Sources are central for a synthesis essay. A credible source is unbiased, in-depth, and is backed up with evidence. Stuck with your synthesis essay? Don’t hesitate to reach out to writing service! Quality help for just a page!

Tip 3: Focus on structure

Just like persuasive essay, a synthesis essay follows a standard structure: introduction with a thesis statement, body part with arguments, and conclusion. A recommendation here: be sure to draft an outline of your synthesis essay before writing the first lines of your introduction. This way it would be much easier to organize your ideas and in a logical order.

Tip 4: Use examples

It is argued that synthesis essay is one of the most challenging tasks in academic writing. To make it less complicated, you may find an example with sources on the Internet and review it. Sometimes a good example of what you are trying to achieve is much better than a hundred pieces of advice!

Looking for more tips on writing a synthesis essay? Check out this article — how to write a good essay— and learn how to turn in the best synthesis essay even if topic is extremely complicated!

Synthesis essay: Top 3 mistakes

To get an excellent grade for your synthesis essay, you need to observe the rules of essay organization, style, and grammar. Check out the most common mistakes in synthesis essays below to make your essay flawless.

MistakeOriginal sentenceRevision
Mistake 1: Wordiness

Due to the difficulty of the writing task, many students are inclined to use more words than necessary. While this does make your synthesis essay longer, wordiness makes your assignment less clear.

There is a possibility that one of the causes of so many young people running away from home is the fact that a lot of them have parents who do not respect their children’s feelings.One reason why so many teenagers run away from home may be that their parents do not respect their children’s feelings.
Mistake 2: Overuse of passive voice

Do you know the risks of overusing the passive voice in your synthesis essay? Actually, there is nothing wrong about the passive use. However, passive voice indicates state rather action and thus makes writing static and non-dynamic.

The controversial initiative proposed at the meeting of the administration

will be bitterly opposed by Liberals.

Liberals will bitterly oppose the controversial initiative proposed at the meeting of the administration
Mistake 3: Run-on sentences

When there are two clauses connected by a coordinating conjunction, you have to put a comma. The most common coordinating conjunctions are and, for, but, nor, yet, or, and so.

Some people prefer online classes while others consider traditional education to be the most effective way to learn.Some people prefer online classes, while others consider traditional education to be the most effective way to learn.

Synthesis essay: best essay help for students

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