When a student gets another history assignment to be turned in within a short time, they may think the task is impossible to complete. Given the complexity of the subject and stringent requirements for the paper’s format and structure, some professors expect papers that shine. Generally history instructors require that in your written assignment you demonstrate the skills of critical thinking which results in new knowledge in the field of study.

If your history professor has assigned you to write an essay on, say, British colonialism in India, he or she wants to get a paper which:

  • Uses several reliable sources of information
  • Introduces several different opinions of scientists on the notion discussed
  • Follows a certain format and uses appropriate citation

Writing a history paper like a pro

Sometimes writing an academic paper on history may seem like a task you can hardly accomplish, but we want to reassure you: with patience and effort, you will be able to turn in a paper with a well-crafted and informative content on time. Follow our tips to succeed in this task:

Tip 1: Come up with a strong argument. The main component of your introduction is an argument (some professors call it a thesis), which you must support by facts and opinions. A good argument shows your position on the question discussed in your paper. However, make sure there’s ample evidence for your argument to be based on.

Tip 2: Back up your argument with strong ideas. This is actually the golden rule of the history paper. Remember that any argument (thesis) must be supported by reliable evidence, that is facts, opinions, or examples. Keep in mind that if you fail to do this, your history paper won’t be as solid as expected.

Tip 3: Avoid generalizations. The way we use our written language differs from the way we use our spoken language; and this idea should be kept in mind while working on a history paper. The general piece of advice here is to refrain from all kinds of vague generalizations like “many historians believe that” or “once upon a time”. Remember that history requires accuracy!

Tip 4: Use evidence critically. The more sources you have studied and the broader they are, the more likely you will be able to make balanced historical judgements. When writing a paper about World War I, don’t rely exclusively on the research carried out by British historians. Be sure to always check if the source you are using is reliable enough to be included in your paper.

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