Writing papers for university can be tough. It can also be time-sapping as you have to choose the topic, do research, and organize ideas in a coherent way. Add to that a tight deadline and a topic you are not passionate about…

That doesn’t sound like an exciting task, right? Tutoring services from professional tutors of work2-me.com can make your learning experience less stressful and way more pleasant! We deliver quality tutoring help online for high school and college students, helping them to get excellent grades for their essays, coursework, term papers, and dissertations. Sign up and get affordable help 24/7!


What is tutoring?

work2-me.com tutoring offers one-on-one online help for academic purposes, that is, help with students’ assignments for high school, college or university courses. Tutors provide academic assistance at any stage of the writing process: from choosing the topic of your future thesis to wrapping up your paper in conclusion.

A tutor provides guidance on how to complete your paper. For example, you are assigned to write a paper on ‘Causes and Consequences of Deficiency of Vitamins in Humans’ and you choose to ask a work2-me.com tutor for help. Having done research and having selected sources, our academic tutor, an expert in this topic and a native speaker of English, will deliver a research paper with specific recommendations on how to write your paper. These recommendations include ideas on how to structure your paper, what arguments and credible sources to use, how to format your assignment, and many more. Your tutor will also make sure that the professor’s requirements are observed and fully complied with.

Let’s take an example. Michael Johnson is attending George Washington University, majoring in biology. He is taking a course on international relations and is assigned to write a term paper on ‘Founding of the American Political System’. Rather than spending hours in the library, Michael decides to get professional assistance from a work2-me.com tutor. He then contacts work2-me.com writing service, provides some essential information on the paper (topic, deadline, professor’s requirements) and gets his term paper done in a few days.

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Tutoring: new way of attaining academic excellence

When working with a tutor, it’s not only professional academic assistance that you get. It’s also the much needed academic support from a person who is a sympathetic and understanding listener, writer, and reader. Having provided tutoring services for years, work2-me.com tutors provide assistance with a wide range of disciplines, from some traditional ones like math and biology, to some more unusual ones like medieval studies or rural sociology.

Math online tutoring

No one will argue that math is one of the most challenging disciplines, both at high school and (especially) at university. Getting academic support via tutoring allows students to get a boost to their grades in all areas of mathematics, including algebra, geometry and topology, logic, number theory and more. Hence some examples of tasks a tutor will help you with include solving linear and quadratic equations, interpreting functions, solving systems of equations, interpreting nonlinear expressions, solving multi-step problems in order to calculate rate, ratio, percentage, and evaluating tables and graphs. Remember that this is just a small part of the areas where work2-me.com tutors can be of help!

English online tutoring

For many students, especially those coming from countries where English is not the first language, taking courses in English may be tough. Even if you are a brilliant and hard-working student, the language barrier can be a real pain. At work2-me.com, we are happy to offer tutoring services for all students who are on their way to mastering their English. A tutor will not only help create outstanding content for your essay, term paper, or dissertation, but also will make sure that there are no language mistakes in it. Because you don’t want to spoil your professor’s impression by an unfortunate slip in your essay, right?

Biology online tutoring

Statistically, students opt for writing services in sciences (biology included) more often than they do for non-technical disciplines and humanities. Biology research paper must be based on scientific argumentation and trustworthy sources that support the ideas. work2-me.com tutors provide assistance with your biology papers and can help you complete a lab report or create an excellent research paper on any topic and in any biology area, ranging from anatomy and genetics to microbiology and molecular biology.

History online tutoring

No time to create a history term paper? The deadline for the essay is tomorrow, but you still haven’t chosen the topic? Don’t worry – there is a solution! work2-me.com professional tutors will help you figure out what information to include and what sources to use.

Here is a story of Nadia Gupta, a freshman at the University of South Florida, who used work2-me.com tutoring services to create a term paper for her history course:

‘work2-me.com tutor helped me write my term paper on ‘The origin of African tribal culture’ for my course on African history. My tutor and I worked as a team, and she gave me some specific tips on what to include in my paper (and what not to!), how to structure the paper, and how to cite sources properly. I like that I didn’t ask someone to write a paper for me, but rather did it myself (of course, with professional assistance of my tutor). My professor really liked my term paper, and gave me an A for it and for the course’.         

Chemistry online tutoring

Chemistry is another challenging discipline, which makes students from US universities and worldwide refer to writing services. work2-me.com tutors can provide academic guidance in any of the areas of chemistry including physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry. Whether you are doing research in any of the above-mentioned areas, our tutors will help tackle chemistry assignment and make all the necessary calculations, solve problems, and balance equations of chemical reactions. What is most important: a tutor will help you understand the material and all theoretical concepts used. And this is what makes the service of tutoring valuable and meaningful.

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Working with a tutor gives you the special feeling that you wrote your research paper on your own, without asking someone to do all the work for you. For our loyal customers, tutoring becomes a valuable and individualized learning experience that allows them to improve their academic performance and give meaning to their study. This is why tutoring is useful for all students, both for those who are experiencing learning disabilities and for those who are doing well.

work2-me.com writing service offers cheap tutoring services for all high school and college disciplines, for freshmen and seniors, for adults and kids alike. Read on to find out some benefits of work2-me.com tutoring center:

  • We hire experienced tutors with degrees from top universities of the USA and United Kingdom and with native English.
  • A tutor is assigned to each student based on the discipline and the complexity of the task. Only tutors with broad experience have access to complex tasks.
  • 24/7 customer online support and total confidentiality guaranteed!

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