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Top Written Assignments For International Students

Students from foreign countries contact for many different reasons. Some ask our writers to create case studies for their courses at the university or college. Other students want to pay someone to write resume and cover letter to apply for jobs and make a good impression on the potential employer. Whatever the type of paper students ask for, delivers high quality dedicated help, which is proven by positive reviews and a huge number of returning customers.

Let’s take a look at the main types of written papers assigned at the educational institutions in the USA:

  • Essay: This is the most common written assignment used in modern US universities, which typically consists of one or two pages. If you are seeking dedicated essay help in Miami, New York, Bronx or another US city, then there’s no need to look any further! At, we can provide international students with the much-needed essay writing help for just $14 (if you are in high school) or $17 (if you are in college) per page. If the deadline is looming, you can get your essay done within only 3 hours!
  • Assignment: writing service is available for all international students to get online assignment help. No matter if you are in high school or college, if you are majoring in biology or literature, or if the assignment is due tomorrow or in two weeks, is ready to give you a helping hand. At our writing service, you will be able to provide outstanding assignment help for $18 per page (delivered within 10 days). If urgent help is needed and the assignment is due in 12 hours, the cost per page will be $32 for a college student, $30 for a high school student.
  • Research paper: Containing about 10 pages, research paper is aimed at checking a student’s ability to study and analyze information related to the topic, as well as do research and draw conclusions based on reliable sources. Taking into account the considerable size of research papers, many students ask to provide brilliant help with this type of assignment. When ordering a research paper online, several styles are available, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and OSCOLA – you can choose any of them depending on the requirement of your university professor. And just for $16 per page!
  • Case study: This type of paper involves an in-depth analysis of a problem and identifying a set of recommendations and solutions to the problem. With, writing a case study will be fun, efficient, and cheap! By paying $20 a page, you are getting a top-notch case study with viable strategies to address the problem and credible sources.
  • Report: Writing a report for your high school or university course may be a daunting and time-consuming task. You need to demonstrate profound knowledge of theory and exhibit efficient writing skills. The professional writers of will give you reliable help with your report online. For only $18 a page, we will make your college life tension-free by providing a top-notch report written according to the requirements of your university instructor!
  • Coursework: This form of assignment is used to assess how students understand the subject, and implies careful planning and detailed research. Since the parameters of a coursework vary depending on university, subject, topic, and professor, writing a coursework with is easy and affordable. If you are stressed about your assignment and are wondering ‘Should I pay someone to do my coursework’, then be sure to hire an expert writer! A professional will deliver a top-notch, 0 plagiarism coursework well before the deadline. And the price of just $18 per page will definitely surprise you!
  • Book review: While writing book reviews may seem like a fun task, many international students find it stressful and challenging. To get quick relief from student stress, ask to create a quality book review delivered exactly when you need it and before the expected deadline. Get a one-page 100% authentic book review for just $15 per page if you are in high school, or for $17 if you are a college student!
  • Personal statement: Whether you are applying for a job or university, writing a personal statement is a crucial part of your application. In this paper, you have a chance to demonstrate your abilities, skills, and experience and get enrolled at the University of your Dreams or get a well-paying job. Are you thinking ‘Should I pay someone to write a personal statement for me?’ If yes, then writing service can cope with this task for $84 (delivered within 7 days)!

8 Reasons Why Students Choose

For whatever reason you are asking to create your paper online, we’re ready to help you! can handle all types of writing at any level, starting from high school to Ph.D. We have dedicated specialists on our writing team, who are capable of helping international students with non-native English. team has prepared a list of the most common reasons why students contact our writing service to get professional writing help:

  • Lack of time: If the deadlines are tight and you can’t stop wondering ‘Can I pay someone to do my essay?’, then writers are ready to provide you with top-notch written assignments at low prices!
  • Complicated assignments: It’s true that sometimes university assignments are complicated and students are not sure how to do them correctly. Is this exactly your situation? Then click ‘Order Now’ and get in touch with Our team of professional academic writers is available round the clock to provide the best solutions!
  • Combining work and study: For students who are busy balancing their work and study, we’ve got the best deal: purchase your homework online and take home excellent written papers delivered on time!
  • Issues with family or partners: Conflicts with family members and your loved ones are stressful; if you find yourself in such situation, seek instant help from We employ a team of diligent writers with years of experience who are able to work on any homework paper.
  • Demanding professors: Sometimes university instructors give stringent requirements for the structure and content of written papers. If the requirements are difficult to manage, or if you don’t want to spend the entire weekend in front of your laptop, order a custom 100% paper online from!
  • Low grades: Are you already googling ‘writing service near me’ trying to give a boost to your grades? If the answer is ‘yes’, will be glad to help you! We deliver quality papers for international students in Dallas, Denver, Miami and other US cities and towns.
  • Stress & depressions: When struggling with student stress or battling depression, you surely don’t want to be overwhelmed by essays, research papers, or case studies. Order your paper from and hire the best writers with advanced degrees and native English!
  • Unwillingness: College life is fun with a variety of extracurricular activities, parties and day trips – you surely don’t want to miss all this! If you are thinking ‘I should pay someone to do my homework’, then reach out to our academic writers. team is available 24/7 to provide the best academic solutions!

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